About Us

The Dream

The dream started  a few years ago, it started with the dream of having coffee shops nationwide.  My grandfather always told me, "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life".  I had discovered a few years ago my true love for coffee, working in the food and beverage industry for many years gave me a chance to truly sharpen my knowledge and fuel my passion for premium coffee.

The Planning

A short few years later I met my best friend, and married her.  Her drive to start a new business venture matched mine.  Sitting on our back porch we began hammering out the details, "ironically, that is the same place my grandfather and I had a lot of conversations." The Porch has always been a place for Social gatherings.  So, it only seems logical to go with a name like "Social Cup".

The Work

On January 1, 2016 "Social Cup" was born.  Announcing the kick off was the easy part.  Designing website, developing the blends of coffee we would offer, many hours on the computer setting up inventories and the lists of tasks goes on still.  The initial response has been amazing, we are truly blessed in this venture.  We always welcome any feedback, we want to be the best we can absolutely be.

About Us

The Future

So, what are the future plans for Social Cup?  In the near future the plans are to build our own roasting, blending and packaging facility right here in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  Our dreams are to ship premium coffees that we develop worldwide, as well as set a new benchmark in customer service through our many retail,wholesale, and co-packing outlets.

Final Thougts

With so many great conversations, important decisions, and funny stories told over a cup of coffee.  Don't you think it's important to have a premium coffee in your cup?  Social Cup...."You deserve great coffee!"